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With over 30 years in combined sales and retail experience, Melody Tener has brought both her heart and talent together to create this exciting new ministry and retail opportunity.

Following a tour of Avenue of Life’s business and training center in May 2015, she noticed a variety of resources available that could be used to upcycle the old into new. From that, the idea of The Small Hinge was born. 

Working together with Avenue of Life and the local community, The Small Hinge will sell a variety of products, both created and upcycled by Avenue of Life clients

“In life, we often think it is about the big things but it is actually the little steps in our everyday that make the big things possible. It is my hope that this ministry will give others the tools in which to take those important little steps so that the big doors in life will be open to them.”
— Melody Tener

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